Who are we?

Nice to meet you,

We are two people in their thirties who have turned our stress over choices into a website with advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find all kinds of topics that have kept us busy in recent months, or that will certainly be discussed soon. We also look for topics that seem to interest many people. We want to help others by sharing as much information as possible.

evy’s dilemma

Weighing and weighing, pluses and minuses, or simply go to pros-versus-cons.com

Evy is sitting on this bench. She thinks about applying for a new job. The benefits of more freedom and new challenges appeal to her, but the stability of her current job offers security. What should she do? This website was set up to help her list the advantages and disadvantages.

pros-versus-cons.com is not just about Evy, it is also about you and me. It is not only about a new job, but also about nutrition, sports, pets and so on. We try to upload many new topics every day. So you can compare the most important advantages & disadvantages for your decision.

enough about us

What do you actually think of it?

 Your opinion about #prosvscons helps to improve our content. Let us know what you think of a certain advantage or disadvantage with a thumbs up (👍 or 👎). Or contact us to share an idea. Questions or comments are also welcome!